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HIU Tennis Camp

In July children from HIU were invited to the National Tennis Centre in Nottingham for a Deaf Tennis Camp.We all had to leave early one Sunday morning to get to Nottingham in time. It was very exciting going there all together in the minibus. We were really lucky as the coaches working with us were Deaf Tennis champions so they were able to give us lots of great tips. Our tennis really improved throughout the day and we are going to carry on working on our tennis skills at school.

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“Better than the West End!” was one of the comments we received following the Year 5 and 6 production of Oliver. In July Year 5 and 6 worked incredibly hard to put on a stunning performance of Oliver. We were treated to amazing performances, including some fantastic solos, enthusiastic singing and superb dance routines. This was one of the highlights of the school year for everyone.

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Sports Day and Family Picnic

All families were invited to join us for a morning of fun sports activities. Children worked in house teams to complete a number of challenges that were set up on the field and playground. Teams were awarded points for skill, effort and teamwork. Everyone worked really hard to try and win the Sports Day trophies. In addition to the challenges, all children took part in class races which were very exciting.

After a morning of hard work, everyone had a well-earned rest at our family picnic. It was lovely to see so many families enjoying having a picnic lunch together on the field.

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Japanese at Howes

In June 2016 Howes Primary School hosted a Japanese enrichment afternoon for primary and secondary schools in Coventry. The Japanese Embassy, the Japan Foundation, Warwick University and Tile Hill Wood School worked with us to give children a taste of Japanese language and culture. Children learned greetings in Japanese; how to write their name in Japanese calligraphy; played Japanese games; had a go at origami; tasted Japanese food and they also were able to watch a karate demonstration.

We have been very lucky at Howes as we have had full time Japanese teachers for the past three years. The teachers have come from Japan as part of an international exchange programme. In addition to offering Japanese lessons to all pupils, we have been able to run two Japanese clubs a week. Last year we won a national competition for our Japanese website, that was set up by one of our Japanese teachers and pupils. We also work closely with Mikanodai Elementary School, our partner school in Japan.

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Howes Japanese Website


Be Enterprising, Succeed Together

Our two year European BEST project (Be Enterprising, Succeed Together) came to an exciting finish with children receiving investments to set up and run their own businesses. Children raised an amazing £500 in four weeks from their business ventures. They decided to give the profits to local charity Zoe’s Place.

We have worked with partner schools in Malta, Poland, Greece, Estonia, Italy and Norway looking at future career options and developing entrepreneurial skills. Children in all schools have had the opportunity to learn about all aspects of running a business including product design, marketing, economics, human resources and management. Children have also explored career options across Europe and have found out what qualifications and experience are needed for different jobs.

Children have been interested to learn about life in our partner countries and have even had the chance to visit schools in Norway and Poland. Children from our partner schools came to visit Howes in June 2015 and they worked with our pupils to create a jobs fair. We were very proud to be invited to 10 Downing Street as part of this visit.

Pupils from all schools involved in the BEST project reported that they have got a much better understanding of how to set up and run their own business. They also said that they have been inspired to take part in other European projects and to consider working abroad when they finish education.

For more information about the BEST project, please visit the BEST project website by clicking on the logo below:

BEST Project

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