At Howes Community Primary School, we offer a rich, exciting, well-balanced curriculum for all children from the first day they become part of our school community until they day they move onwards.  Ensuring that all children have the ability to shine across the curriculum is important to us as we celebrate differing talents and abilities.  Our curriculum is based on exploration and wonder alongside knowledge and skills whether that is in reading, maths, music, science, history, art or any of our curriculum subjects.  We encourage inquisitiveness and build upon curiosity supporting children to articulate their ideas, opinions and views which creates a thirst for learning and produces life-long learners.

Whole School Curriculum Plans 

Whole School LTP Howes Cycle A 22-23

Whole School LTP Howes Cycle B 23-24

Upper school Topic rolling plan Cycle A, B & C

Lower school Topic rolling plan Cycle A & B

Howes’ Curriculum Vision Statements

Subject vision statements

Early Years Vision

Howes EYFS Areas of Learning

Howes Early years Vision

National Curriculum

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National curriculum in England: primary curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

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Phonics at Howes

At Howes Community Primary School, the children begin to learn sounds as soon as they join us in Nursery as they listen to sounds and nursery rhymes.  This develops as they journey through the Early Years as they learn phonemes and graphemes.  This continues as they move into year one and beyond where necessary.  We use a DfE validated scheme ‘The Phonics Shed’ which is a multi-sensory, systematic, synthetic phonics scheme.  The children have a login to use at home to support  and home-school reading books are linked to the sounds that the children are learning.  These are also used as part of their reading sessions in school.  Please click on the link below to find out more information:


To find out more about Handwriting please click the links below:

Letter Formation Poster

Developmental Levels of Pencil Hold

Penpals 7 Point Check

Messages for Parents – Penpals for Handwriting