Regular attendance and punctuality is an important factor in raising the achievements of pupils. Even short absences can have a detrimental effect on children’s learning and late arrivals can be disruptive and affect the learning of the other children in class. Early poor attendance habits follow right through from primary to secondary school and into employment and so we expect all children to be at school, and on time, every day that the school is open, as long as they are fit and healthy enough to do so. We do all we can to encourage children to attend.


Howes Attendance Leaflet


What Are Our School Times?

8.45am: Doors Open

8.55am: School day begins

12.00pm: Early Years, Ash and Cedar class lunch break

12.15pm: Maple, Sycamore, Willow and Fir lunch break

1.00pm: Afternoon session begins for Early years, Ash and Cedar class

1.15pm: Afternoon session begins for Maple, Sycamore, Willow and Fir class

3.25pm: School day ends for Early Years, Ash and Cedar class

3.30pm: School day ends for Maple, Sycamore, Willow and Fir class

All the children have a morning break and younger children also have a short afternoon break


If your child is going to be absent from school, please inform us as soon as possible. If we have not been informed by 9.30am, a text message/call will automatically be sent to the parents/carers. If there is no response to this message and there is any doubt about the whereabouts of the child, the Headteacher, Assistant  Headteacher or Pastoral Mentor will contact the parents or guardian to check on the safety and well being of the child.

Poor Attendance

The Government has stated that if a child’s attendance figure goes below 90% they are classed as persistently absent. Please help your child by ensuring they are in school unless there is a valid reason for their absence.

Yearly attendance Yearly days missed Yearly learning hours missed Learning hours missed during school life


100% 0 0 0
97% 6 30 360
95% 10 50 600
90% 20 100 1200
80% 40 200 2400
50% 100 500 6000


Exceptional Leave

There is no automatic right to any leave of absence, and all schools in Coventry are encouraged to adopt a policy of not authorising exceptional leave. Being mindful of this, only in very exceptional circumstances will the school grant leave of absence during term-time. An Exceptional Leave form is available from the school office for parents requesting absence due to exceptional circumstances. Each request will be considered on an individual basis and a letter will be issued regarding the outcome of the request.

Howes Attendance Policy January 2023


Parents are asked not to send their child to school if he/she is unwell. When children have been off school with sickness or diarrhoea parents are requested to keep them at home for 48 hours following the last bout.

We encourage children to maintain good hygiene and keep rooms as ventilated as possible to deter the spread of any infection.