Oak Class

Welcome to Oak and Acorn class.
This is where we begin our transformation from acorns into oak trees! We are play people who have fun with all that we do.
We love to chat to you when you come to see us as we believe it is really important that we all become Terrific Talkers. We are learning lots of new words and love to practice using them in sentences to share our ideas when we talk together.
We are at the beginning of our journey to becoming Masters of Mark Making and Meaning and we are doing amazingly well learning our new phonic sounds. We really enjoy books and stories and these help us to understand all of the different topics we learn about.
We are becoming Magnificent Mathematicians, learning all about numbers and how to make different amounts. We explore shape and space in our environment and love to investigate counting and measuring outside.
We are becoming Incredible Investigators, exploring the world around us and making connections between the people and places we see and know.
You will see us becoming Crafty Creators as we paint, draw, sculpt, sing and dance in lots of different ways.
What we are really proud of is what Fantastic Friends we become during our time in Early Years. We always try to be kind and celebrate what makes us the same and what makes us different. You will always be welcomed into our classroom with our super smiles and friendly faces.
Our Early Years Team are Mrs Cornfoot, Mrs Collier and Mrs Wildsmith who are all amazing practitioners and are always happy to help.

Oak-Acorn Timetable Autumn 2023